We believe a conscious and sustainable cultivation can – besides preserving the species – bring higher benefits to the ecosystem, collaborating for the development of the whole community near the places of cultivation.

Cia das Algas is proficient in sustainable and accurate processing, ensuring that all characteristics and properties of such raw material can be used in the best possible way.

Through constant research we will be able to find out more benefits and ways to apply this natural resource.





Our social project is based on the rescue of a traditional activity related to the genetic heritage of the cultivation and harvesting of seaweed in the coast of Ceará, in which fishing communities involved and properly registered, cultivate and harvest seaweeds in a sustainable way, propagating environmental awareness to the community.

​The magnificent resource of seaweed generates a new source of family income, significantly increasing regional microeconomics, making this union between social and environmental preservation the basis of the working method.


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